September 28 2016

Upcoming Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Thinking of remodeling your home this year? A bathroom remodel is a big investment, so you'll want to make it as beautiful as possible. We think that these upcoming trends in bathroom design are absolutely breathtaking. Check them out to get inspired for your remodel project: 1. Modern Bathroom D...

September 23 2016

Increasing Your Home's Resale Value

Remodeling your bathroom not only benefits you while you’re living in the house, it improves your home’s resale value. You can’t go wrong with updating your bathroom every now and then, styles changes and people are looking for different things while buying a house than they were ...

August 3 2016

Replacing Your Bathtub

Homes are built around bathtubs. It’s where we start or end our day, play with our toys as children, unwind. It’s where we think of great ideas, or get away from work. It’s a place of self-care. If your bathtub is outdated or uncomfortable, it’s likely an area you avoid. Hav...

July 20 2016

How to Plan for Disability Access in Your Home Bathroom

While safety is the top priority for accommodating the needs of the physically challenged, style is also a consideration for many.  With proper planning and foresight, your home bathroom can easily accommodate wheelchair accessibility and look stylish at the same time. We’ve put together...

July 13 2016

Getting Started on a Bathroom Remodel

So, you’ve decided to remodel your bathroom. Unfortunately, that is not the last decision you’ll have to make. A bathroom remodel project can seem like a huge undertaking, even overwhelming, if you don’t set yourself up for success from the start. Although every bathroom remodel is...

February 8 2016

Do Vessel Sinks Break Easily?

Vessel sinks are an interesting test of taste: people seem to either love them or hate them. The pro-vessel crowd loves vessel sinks for their customizable modern look, using them to add a visual focal point to otherwise boring bathrooms. The anti-vessel crowd says that vessel sinks are over...

January 26 2016

Water-Saving Shower Heads: Worth It?

A hot shower on a cold morning - there’s nothing quite like it. Showers aren’t the most efficient uses of water, however - the average 8-minute shower wastes about 20 gallons. That’s why many environmentally conscious home and business owners choose to install water saving, low-...