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Bathroom Trends for 2018

September 12, 2017

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, 2018 is bringing on some great trends to give you the modern look you’re after. Whether you’re doing a large or total remodel, or just looking to change up some hardware and colors, here are some swoon-worthy ideas to carry your bathroom into 2018.


Materials Trends

Let’s start off with a bang. Granite is out.

Instead, look at using quartz for your floors, vanities, counters or wall coverings. Quartz has a more stone-like appearance, giving an overall cleaner appearance. Quartz is also more environmentally friendly, and typically comes in at a slightly lower price than its granite equivalent. Here’s the real kicker - quartz isn’t porous, so it’s virtually indestructible. Give it your best shot, kiddos.

For hardware, brass is back! The bold look you know and (maybe) love from the ‘80s is back in a big way. Before you scoff, brass fixtures lend a warm tone to your bathroom, and when combined with the right modern cabinets, complementary colors and design elements, can be truly stunning.

Overall, you’ll start to see more and more unique material combinations popping up in new bathrooms. Instead of picking just one and carrying it all the way through, mix it up a little!


Tile Trends

Subway tiles are out. Once more for the seats in the back - subway tiles are out. Instead, modern bathrooms are using texture, color, patterns or combinations of all three to give bathrooms new life. If you opt for just one trend in your remodeled bathroom, make it this one, and stay far, far away from rectangular white tiles that have taken over our bathrooms in the last few years.


Color Trends

This season, bathrooms are getting the blues. From dark navies to rich ceruleans, you’ll see blues popping up in countertops, tiles, cabinets, and everywhere in between. Whether used as an accent pop or a major feature, blue is a classic color that looks sleek and at-home in a bathroom.

Cabinet Trends

Here’s another big shake-up - all white is out. Having all-white cabinetry immediately dates your bathroom. They’re being replaced with bleached woods or brighter colors. Mixed materials are creeping in here as well, so if you can’t decide on a wood finish, use a few!

Going for a total remodel?

If you’re going for a complete remodel and are ready to make some bigger changes, consider some of these trends:

  • Larger bathrooms. You spend a lot of time in there, why not make it a sanctuary? Maybe it means downsizing an adjacent room to move out a wall, or adding a small addition, or just redesigning the existing room to use space more efficiently.
  • Open/functional showers. Italian style showers are in. Glass doors, even flooring, linear drains and tiling or floor materials that don’t change all give a modern, elegant look and feel that will make your bathroom feel like a spa. Functional additions like bamboo benches, built-in shelving and steam systems also lend to the luxury feel of your at-home sanctuary.
  • Island bathtubs. If your bathroom is large enough (at least 10m²x10m²), these isolated tubs take your bathroom to a whole new level of luxe. Bathe like royalty.
  • An industrial look. Exposed pipes, raw brick walls, metal tubs and sinks, and smart use of concrete give your bathroom a really unique, NYC-loft style that will really stand out (and stand the test of time).
  • Go hi-tech. Touch mirrors that let you control the lighting and temperature. Motion detecting lights, hi-tech shower jets and controls, in-bathroom towel dryers, and multi-level temperature controls are just the beginning of the technology available for your new bathroom. Hey, everything else can be controlled by your phone, why not your bathroom?

Can’t make any big changes quite yet?

Good news. Shower plants are in. Ferns, spider plants, orchids, bamboo and air plants can all thrive in the filtered light and humid conditions of a typical bathroom. You’re welcome.