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How To Get The Most Out Of A Small Kitchen

August 10, 2017

Big, bright, spacious kitchens are an enviable addition to any home. But not everyone has the space for a kitchen with seemingly endless cabinets and room for luxury appliances and in-kitchen dining, right?

If you have a small amount of kitchen space, you’ve probably struggled to find adequate storage without clutter or sacrifice. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the kitchen of your dreams. Here are a few ways you can maximize space in a small kitchen without having to knock out walls or add expansions.

Keep It Clean

Yes, you should clean your kitchen. But let’s talk design for a minute. When choosing cabinets and furniture, simple designs with clean lines help maximize the illusion of space without sacrificing a thing.

Bright, light colors and color continuity also create the illusion of space. Sometimes, a coat of paint works wonders in a small room.

And of course, mess and clutter make rooms seem smaller, so make sure you have a purpose for everything in your kitchen and a dedicated space to neatly store it away.

Get Creative With Corners

When it comes to small rooms, it’s shocking how much space is wasted trying to navigate around corners. But rather than design around corners, why not get creative and find ways to maximize that space?

Whether it’s drawers specifically designed for corners that pull out on a bias, a small remodeling job to put your stove or sink in a formerly corner space, or built-in shelving that turns your corner into just another wall, there are a lot of ways that you can make corners the most practical part of your kitchen!


Get More From Your Cabinets and Counters

Speaking of wasted space, most kitchens have at least one or two areas of extra space where the cabinet size wasn’t a perfect fit to the wall dimensions. Spices, wine racks and built-in shelves can squeeze in almost anywhere. Don’t let valuable real estate go to waste!

Countertops don’t have to run straight from wall to wall. Having counters jut out a few feet to create a mock island offers valuable storage and workspace options without taking up the space that islands require.

And if you do have an island in your kitchen, it’s a great place to add some additional small storage areas, like a wine fridge or warming oven. That’s right - luxury kitchen appliances aren’t just for large kitchens!


Rethink Your Tools

Where do you keep your knives? Pots and pans? Many people keep these types of kitchen tools in a cabinet or drawer. But when cabinet space is at a premium and your knife block is taking up precious real estate on your countertop, it might be time to rethink your options.

Hanging pot and pan racks let you store pots and pans up high. Magnetic wall knife racks keep knives and tools accessible (and out of reach from little hands) without taking up drawer or counter space. Rolling carts and islands that you can bring out to use and tuck away when you’re done are an inexpensive, versatile and valuable addition to a small kitchen, and give you a great place to store tools you don’t need for everyday.


Think Big

Today’s trends of tiny houses, lifehacks and maximized everything mean a small kitchen doesn’t have to put a damper on your culinary escapades. With a little creativity and organizational magic, you can turn your small kitchen into the envy of all your guests!

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