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Creating a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

April 20, 2017

Whether you’re a new parent, a grandparent, or an aunt or uncle who frequently has kids in your home, you’ll want to consider making your bathroom kid-friendly. While decor is part of it, it isn’t just adding some bright colors and fun designs. Safety is a crucial element that must be considered at all stages of your bathroom design. A child spends a lot of time in the bathroom. From bathtime to bedtime, there are a lot of safety concerns to keep top of mind.

Additionally, kids don’t stay small forever. You’ll want to consider their current age and be sure to leave room for growth in case you’re not able to remodel your bathroom again before they’re fully grown. You’ll want to choose durable, versatile features for your bathroom so that it can grow with your family.

Kid Friendly Bathroom

Plan for Storage

Kids have stuff...a lot of stuff. Without proper planning for storage, you’ll end up with clutter on your countertops, bathtub edges, and floor space. This can become a safety hazard. You’ll want to keep small items away from young children and be sure that the walkways are clear so that your little ones don’t trip and fall. Installing shelving in your bathroom in a great solution. Items have to be placed into baskets or totes and stored out of reach.

Keep Hardware in Mind

The little details count, too. You may not have thought that drawer handles and knobs would be something to consider, but they make a huge difference. Handles, as opposed to knobs, are easier for children to maneuver than knobs or other hardware. Help your child become independent in the bathroom by allowing them to access everything they need.

Stop Slips in Their Tracks

During bathtime, a bathroom floor can become extremely slippery! It’s important to keep children safe by installing preventative measures such as slip-resistant flooring. An easy solution is small, ceramic tile flooring. If you don’t choose to go with permanent slip-resistant flooring, a non-slip mat is a wonderful temporary solution.

Are you remodeling your bathroom to be more kid-friendly? Be sure to work with a professional when making any renovations. Looking for expert advice on your bathroom remodel? Stop by one of our locations to browse our selection of amazing bath & kitchen items, or contact us now to make an appointment with an expert at one of our showrooms.

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