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When is it Time to Remodel the Bathroom?

November 30, 2016

The thought may have popped into your head before that you need to remodel your bathroom. Although it’s always nice to have updated features, modern designs, and a new color scheme, bathroom remodels are big projects. The good thing is, there are some signs you can keep an eye out that will let you know if your bathroom needs a makeover. This will make it easier to convince your spouse or to make the final decision on whether it’s time to remodel or not.

Bathroom Remodel

You’re selling your home

If you’re selling your home or even thinking of selling your home, bathroom updates will go a long way in increasing the overall resale value. Buyers don’t want to have to make any updates after they’ve purchased a house, so it’s smart to put in updated hardware and give it a modern style. Work with a professional to make sure the space looks as big as possible and has enough features to be attractive to potential buyers.

Leaky bathroom fixtures

If you regularly find leaks around your bathroom from your faucets, bathtub or shower, it’s time for an update. Instead of replacing one thing here and there, replace it all so that you can ensure you’re protecting your home from water leaks. Be sure to ask an expert which faucets, sinks and new technologies best fit your needs and will get you the most bang for your buck.Your Needs have changed

Your needs have changed

As time goes on, our needs change. Whether your family has grown, your kids have moved out of the house, or your tastes have changed throughout the years, it’s likely that the bathroom you loved several years ago isn’t what you’d like today. Do you dream of soaking in a bathtub, but yours is too run down? If so, it’s time to remodel.

If you’re ready to remodel, we’re here to help! We have showrooms located throughout Western & Central New York, make an appointment today to get started.


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