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Bathroom Backsplash Inspiration

October 26, 2016

Whether the backsplash is the most exciting item on your bathroom renovation list or the last thing you need to do before finishing your project, it’s definitely an important part of your bathroom. Aside from the looks of it, it’s function is prudent to keeping your bathroom looking clean and tidy. We’ve picked out a few backsplash ideas that we think you’ll love, check them out and pick out your personal favorite:

Bathroom Backsplash

From Bottom to Top

Pattern Bathroom Backsplash

If you’ve got a patterned tile floor in your bathroom, it can be fun to extend that pattern into part of the back splash. Check out this example, above, as a reference. While the majority of the wall is a white tile, the backsplash brings in the checkered pattern from the floor, and then extends around the perimeter of the ceiling. This creates balance in the room and an eye-catching look.


Have Fun with Patterns

Bathroom Backsplash

If you’ve got neutral or plain walls, a pattern can easily fit into your design. As with the bathroom featured above, the bathroom backsplash creates a burst of color which is then extended into the shower and bath. This allows you the opportunity to pick a fun mosaic or tile pattern and run with it!


Go Big or Go home

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

If it works for your bathroom, try extending the backsplash on the full wall. This can create a unique and fun look, but be sure to work with a professional to make sure it works for your space.


Ready to pick out your bathroom backsplash? Work with our design experts to find the perfect backsplash for your home’s bathroom. Make an appointment today at one of our convenient locations located throughout Western & Central New York.

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