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Luxury whirlpool baths and showers from Aquatic.

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Aquatic specializes in luxury, innovative tubs, showers and bathware that meet three specific needs.

  • Hydrotherapy: therapeutic whirlpool baths, air baths and more that relax and sooth as they invigorate.
  • Everyday: high-quality showers and tubs that are perfect for modern remodels as well as newly constructed homes.
  • Accessible: showers and tubs that are as safe as they are stylish, designed to be ADA- and ANSI- compliant.

Aquatic products are proudly made and manufactured in America. Browse our Aquatic Idea Board to find yours!


Learn more about the different types of hydrotherapy baths that Aquatic offers:



Whirlpool baths

Relaxation can be difficult to come by, but everyone needs it. When you slip into a whirlpool bath, all of your aches and troubles disappear. With adjustable settings for the type of massage you'd like, these beautiful baths provide full-body or targeted relief. 

Air baths

For a different type of relaxation, choose an air bath. This differs from a whirlpool bath because in an air bath, a tiny blower sends streams of bubbles to soothe and relax your entire body. 

Whirlpool/Air baths

Love the idea of whirlpool baths and air baths? You can have it all! For ultimate relaxation, this bath is the perfect choice. 


Relax in a blanket of hot water with Aquatic's DriftBath. This model targets your back and feet yet still soothes your entire body. Small streams of water from up to 70 ports are released from the DriftBath, enveloping you in a steady flow of soothing water. 

HotSoak tubs

Stay warm all day long with Aquatic's HotSoak tub. This tub provides instant relaxation that lasts with inline water heaters to extend your bath for as long as you'd like.

Soaking tubs

Complete relaxation is possible in an Aquatic soaking tub. These tubs are designed to immerse your whole body and are made with simple & classic designs.